Chris VanNatter


Pastor, Chris VanNatter was born in Logan County, WV in November 1979. He soon after, with his family moved to Greenbrier County, WV, where he lived for 37 years. Pastor Chris accepted Christ as Savior at Calvary Baptist Church in Lewisburg, WV on May, 5 2002. He later answered God's call on his life to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in August of 2006. Pastor Chris began working in the Lewisburg Baptist Church as a Youth Director and started a Christian Camp for kids. He received an associate's degree in Church Ministries at the Baptist College of America. Pastor Chris has a burning desire to reach the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to train and disciple Christians to follow God's plan for their life. He has a vision for world evangelism and desires to see all come to know Christ! 

Angela VanNatter

First Lady

Angela was saved at the young age of 8 years old. Pastor Chris and Angela grew up together but it wasn't until after they graduated high school that God united their hearts. They were married in 2001 and God began to work on them both. Angela began working as a Christian School Teacher and earned her Bachelor Degree in Christian education through the Baptist College of America. Angela taught school at the Lewisburg Baptist Academy for 12 years. Angela has a burning love and desire to reach the lost and encourage the broken. She serves beside Pastor Chris and is a beautiful asset to our ministry at Hopewell.

Caleb VanNatter

Pastor's Son

Caleb is a wonderful asset to the ministry, at the age of 4 he accepted Christ as His Savior. Caleb surrendered his call to preach when he was 10 years old. He has a strong desire to serve God with his life and plans to work full time in the ministry when he graduates. As for now Caleb serves here in the church alongside his dad.  Preaching, leading our special prayer times and singing special music are just a few of the assets Caleb brings to Hopewell.

Cadee VanNatter

Pastor's Daughter

Cadee has been blessed with a beautiful talent and heart for the lord. She serves alongside her dad singing special music and playing the piano. Cadee accepted Christ as her Savior in September 2020 under an old Gospel Tent. She plans on serving the Lord with her life in whatever God leads her to do.

The Light's

Children's Church Directors

Meet Sam, Bethany, Jasmine, Jayden and soon to be with us in March 2023, James Light. The Light's have been part of the Hopewell family since 2021. Sam and Bethany graduated from Pensacola Christian college and have a strong burden for children. They both have a desire to see young people know Jesus Christ as Savior and achieve the knowledge to start out right in this life. There is plenty of fun and activities for the kids here at Hopewell! Join the Lights on Sunday morning for Children's church service and on  Wednesday Evenings for Master Clubs starting January 2022

The Osbornes

Teen ministry Directors

Meet Kevin, Ashley, Maebree, and Amelia Osborne. The Osborne family has been a part of the Hopewell family for around a year now. Kevin and Ashley both have a burning desire to reach and encourage teenagers to know, love and serve Jesus Christ. They both have a strong love for this generation. This family has so much excitement and joy to bring to our young people. Please join them on Wednesday nights for youth group. They have once a month youth rallies, once a month fun activities and all different types of outreaches. There will be plenty to keep your teen excited and encouraged in the Lord. 

The Brunetti's


Meet Chris and Dennie. The Brunetti's have been part of the Hopewell family since 1994. Chris and Dennie love the Lord and they love Hopewell. We are so thankful for the love and support they give to the ministry of this church. 

The Gibson's


Meet Jimmy and Eva Gibson. The Gibson's have been part of the Hopewell family since around 2007. Jimmy and Eva love serving the Lord and they love Hopewell. If you are around here any amount of time, you will find these two working somewhere. We are so thankful for the love and support they give to the ministry of this church.